Hot on the heels of last night’s Golden Globe Awards in Hollywood I would like to start the week by posing the following question. How many of you enter your business, products or even your people in for awards? There are so many different awards for businesses that it’s really worthwhile taking some time to research which ones are appropriate to you.

Over the last few months, I’ve been busy writing awards entries for clients across a variety of sectors and I’ve just started another one today. Currently I’m on a hit rate of 100% of them being shortlisted and I’m not telling you that to boast but to illustrate that it’s actually not that difficult so don’t be put off.

Awards provide you with a great PR vehicle to promote your business be them regional, national or those specific to your sector. A good starting point is looking at the magazines in your marketplace, regional business publications, and social media. I know for example here in Fleet there are some annual ‘best of’ awards that look to reward local businesses and retailers for their success.  If you’re a business it’s worth checking out this website which provides a really thorough UK-wide list of awards and deadlines

Often people can’t afford the time and effort required to answer the questions involved but don’t get caught up in thinking you need to create a brilliant piece of crafted copy as it will mostly be about providing evidence that backs up the reason you’re entering. Typically you’ll need to give facts and figures about growth or a testimonial from a client or partner which might seem a little arduous and just another thing to add to your ever-growing to-do list but just imagine the joy you’ll feel when a message drops in your inbox notifying you of impending success.

Getting shortlisted is a great start and you can add this to email signatures, put in on the front page of your website and even share it with clients. People like working with people who are successful and proud of their business and this is what awards tell your clients. Moreover, it’s a great way to tell your competitors that you’re out there and doing well. If you’re lucky enough to win it’s an even better reason to tell more people.  

So, don’t delay take a look at what’s out there for you and your business and give it a go.