Today marks the launch of The Practical PR Podcast, an exciting joint venture with Media Trainer and Journalist, Steve Hemsley and I. Together we will be providing clear and practical advice on how to get press coverage for your small business. We’re highly experienced each bringing more than 25 years of expertise from both a journalist and PR professional perspective. The first episode focuses on how to find your target audience and how that relates to getting media coverage. You can find it here

Exponential podcast growth

Podcast popularity has grown exponentially over the past year.  The latest MIDAS Survey reports over 10 million people are listening to a podcast every week in the UK, averaging 18% of the adult population.

What’s great about podcasts is that they build your knowledge on a subject and they aren’t time hungry. You can listen to them in the car, on the train and while you take the dog for a walk. In fact pretty much anywhere else so long as you have your smartphone or tablet. You can even sit at your desktop!

The Practical PR Podcast in view

With The Practical PR Podcast, we’re going to arm you with all the knowledge you need to get you and your business in the press. We will address a different topic in each episode from understanding what makes a great press story to timing and how to select your media targets.

An under-used tool for Small Businesses

For small businesses, PR is often a little-used tool. Yet it can have such a huge impact on business growth and brand credibility. Many think it’s too difficult but if you’re a small business and want to grow your business then you seriously need to consider it. Through The Practical PR Podcast we’re going to show you exactly how so stay tuned and add it to your library so that you’re notified every time a new episode drops.  

If you’re keen to learn more about getting press coverage for your small business, then come on in and take a look today.