Buzzword Fun

A bit of weekend fun for you! If there is one thing we can thank lockdown then it’s corporate buzzwords. There’s a whole new range of ones we can bamboozle our clients and colleagues with on Zoom calls.

I’m sure most people will associate with these. I really liked writing this. Some made me laugh out loud.

Do any of the following buzzwords get frequent usage in your video conference calls? I’ve even made a little bingo game sheet for you try it out on your colleagues!

  1. Lockstep – to be in sync with someone
  2. Into the weeds – often referred to as not wanting to get into the weeds means not wanting to go into too much detail
  3. Sunset it – basically a slightly subtler way of saying it’s canned (I kind of like this)
  4. Circling back – going back over what you’ve just discussed
  5. Closing the loop – coming to an agreement
  6. Deep dive – to be fair this has been in use for a while, but it’s had a revival in lockdown. Means going into detail. A boardroom favourite!
  7. Hyperlocal – this is pretty cringe-worthy but it basically means something that affects a particular part of the business or area
  8. Freemium – is this even a thing? Yes basically, a free trial of a paid-for product!
  9. Unpack – another way of saying that you’re getting into the detail
  10. Ping – you’re sending a message or email (ok so I might sometimes use this)
  11. Envisioneer – I’ve got to say I haven’t heard this in a meeting but it’s a cracker. Someone who is brilliant at forward-thinking
  12. Hard stop – I think we’ve all heard this one. Sometimes used as a good way to close a meeting down early!
  13. Pivot – to adapt your business strategy due to unforeseen circumstances.
  14. Zoom – much like Google, Zoom is now frequently used for scheduling a video conference call.
  15. New normal – what our situation due to the COVID-19 Pandemic is commonly referred to!

Are there any buzzwords that you think are missing from this list? Please do add them in the comments below! Enjoy

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