As you can imagine working in PR this is a very common question but it’s one that needs careful consideration. All too often a snap decision is made to write a press release when there is very little and sometimes no news to announce which usually results in no press coverage and disappointment for all. Here’s what you or your PR advisor should be thinking about before deciding.

Is it newsworthy?
Winning an award, targeting a new sector, special offers and a new website (to name a few) aren’t newsworthy in their own right but supported by the right information they just might be. For instance, you might have a new website that is offering visitors the chance to access some content such as new research or a whitepaper that they haven’t been able to before. What facts can you pull out of the content and talk about up front? Perhaps your special offer is seasonal and tied into a special event such as Christmas or Valentines use this to your advantage and try and focus on a statistic that makes your offer relevant. Remember editors have hundreds of press releases landing in their inboxes every day so think about how you can make yours interesting and appealing and ask yourself would you be interested in reading that news?

Will your audience be interested in hearing about your news?
When it comes to issuing news announcements ‘one size doesn’t necessarily fit all’ so make sure that your press release is relevant to your audience. If you are sending it to a particular region then make sure your language reflects this or perhaps it is targeted at small business owners. Always make sure that you talk to your audience and tell them why it’s interesting to them.

Is your news time-sensitive?
Is your news relevant for a particular day – perhaps you’re targeting shoppers on Black Friday, for instance, well there is no point in sending something out on the actual day. Plan ahead and ensure that your news is sent out in advance. Perhaps you have a new CEO – announce it as soon as he or she joins rather than waiting a few weeks by which time the news has probably filtered through the industry.

If you have read this blog to this point then you’ll see that the word ‘relevant’ is a pretty common theme and is what you must always question when deciding whether you have interesting content for a press release.

News is sometimes literally ‘hot off the press’ but that’s when you know it’s interesting but the reality is that the occasions when you have real news are often few and far between so you need to think about different ways to tell people about your company without shoving your latest new product or feature down their throats. Tell them something that they didn’t know before and above all keep it relevant.