My clients are small business owners who are committed to growng their business. They are the heartbeat of their businesses. They live and breathe them. Unsurprisingly as someone who helps businesses grow their visibility one of the most common questions, I get asked is how do I get myself out there so that my business is noticed? My answer is simple: find your people. In other words, your ideal client.

Don’t get stuck in marketing limbo

It’s not hard and it’s not particularly complex but you do need to make the effort to find them. When I say find your people you need to be clear on who you are and how you help them. You need to define them. A lot of people don’t bother and find themselves stuck in marketing limbo not knowing what to say or how to say it.

Niching is key

You see you need to niche. I know you don’t want to because it might mean you’re turning away a possible customer. And in case you were wondering you don’t need to niche if you’re Microsoft or Apple but it’s how they all started out.

Once you find your people you need to get to know them. Find out their likes and dislikes, what makes them tick and what doesn’t. You see it’s a relationship that you’re building – some will come to fruition much more quickly than others, but you can be sure that if you’ve taken time to understand them you will stand out like a bright light in the dark of night.  

It pays to get specific when you’re finding your people whether it relates to the sector they work in, their interests and so on. Define them clearly. Once you know who your ideal client is everything else becomes easier. And top of that list is your marketing. Because once you know who your ideal client is it’s easier to research what interests them, what their challenges are, what problems they want to solve, where they hang out and so on.

Market to everyone reach no-one

I honestly can’t stress the importance of this enough. I have lost count the number of times I have heard people say I’m not sure how to communicate my thing and then they say they’re trying to hit five different audiences. Different audiences need different strategies. You should only have one clear target audience particularly if you’re just starting out. When you’re clear on it you won’t be asking questions like – where should I promote my stuff, what should I put in my message, what topics should I write about and so on? Because you already know because you know who you’re targeting and what they’re interested in. 

It’s a subject that I feel very passionate about. I hope you can tell. If you want to grow your small business, then find your people and grow it will!

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