Outsourcing your PR and Marketing can often seem like a big step particularly if you’re a small business and on the face of it might just like another expense to add to your bottom line. As an external PR and Marketing Consultant I regularly get asked what benefits there are from working with me, here’s five


In a small business, you typically don’t have marketing expertise in-house. Using an external consultant meant that you don’t have to spend time learning new skills or trying out different tactics to see what works bests. A PR and Marketing Consultant will have the expertise and be able to provide advice on what will work best in your business.

A fresh pair of eyes

You’re in your business all day every day and it can be difficult to get clarity on what your stand-out message in. You know your business best, but an experienced PR and Marketing consultant will be able to help you work through your key message and create content that’s interesting and resonates with your target audience.

New ideas

Coming up with new ideas is one of my favourite parts of being a PR and Marketing Consultant. It comes with the territory and a good PR and Marketing Consultant should come armed with plenty of ideas to promote your business.

Focus and Proactivity

The chances are that as a small business you don’t have someone focused on Marketing. Bringing in an external PR and Consultant will bring the much-needed focus on marketing to your business that you didn’t have before. Whether it’s content, customer communication, social media or the press a consultant will put together a programme that’s right for you and will be able to get going quickly without any hand-holding.


Last and by no means least a proactive marketing campaign will get you results and that’s very important. Proactive is an important word here though – having a sustained campaign is essential so that’s being active on a continued basis. Having a plan and implementing it on a continued basis gets results and that must be your aim.


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