Monday 26 April sees the start of the Spring Visibility Challenge, the first challenge I have ever run. It sits well with my mission to support small businesses and entrepreneurs in making them more visible and sell more.

If you’re wondering just why you should join, then read on. Around three-quarters of a million small businesses were created in the past year which makes almost 6 million in the UK alone. It doesn’t take a genius to work out that whatever sector you’re in there are more competitors. That means you must work even harder to get noticed and make your business more visible. And that’s exactly what we’re going to be doing in the SPRING VISIBILITY CHALLENGE.

I will be sharing how I have helped hundreds of businesses get more visible. If you need further convincing here’s what else you can expect.

Grow your audience

If you want to grow your sales, then it stands to reason that you need to get in front of more people, but they need to be the right people. I’ll show you how.

Inspiration and creativity for your content

As small business owners, we have a million and one things spinning around inside our heads and thinking of ways in which you can be more visible can be hard. I’ll show you how to keep those creative juices flowing and you’ll have plenty of ideas for marketing content.

How to make your business more visible

Being visible is about using the right marketing techniques and showing up in the right places consistently. And that’s different for every business. I’ll show you exactly how.

Learn how to make more sales

To increase your sales, you need to create the right kind of marketing content so that your audience gets to know, like and trust you. I’ll show you how with my content clarity method.

A supportive group atmosphere

The challenge will be run in a private Facebook Group with other like-mind business owners so you will be in good company. I will be in there every day supporting you, answering any questions you have, and giving you feedback on your tasks.

So what are you waiting for? And just in case you were wondering none of the tasks will take any more than 30 minutes a day. The only thing I ask is that you’re committed to participating and showing up.

I can’t wait for you to join me. To sign up visit