These are difficult times for business which is why keeping the communication lines with your audience open is very important. While the lockdown restrictions are slowing lifting there are still lots of uncertainties over how business is going to be conducted and what will become the new normal. Companies large and small must be more innovative in how they deliver their product. They must be equally innovative with their communications tactics.

Have you had to revise your route to market.  Or perhaps you are busy looking at additional ways you can welcome existing and new customers? During such an uncertain period it’s easy to get stuck in the detail and forget to communicate what’s changing. These are uncertain times for customers too and they want to know that they have been considered.  Below I have provided four communications tactics to tell your customers about any changes. 


Typically, your website is your shop window so you must ensure that it reflects any new services and products you are offering. Add it to your front page whether it’s just a change to working hours, delivery times or perhaps you are in consultancy and all appointments are being conducted via video conference. People want to know what to expect and if you have premises, they will want to know how they can be assured that buying from you is a safe and enjoyable experience.


Announcing changes via a blog post is also a great way of talking to your audience and is also a good opportunity to re-engage with them. Perhaps you could include a special offer to entice people in.

Social Media

Make sure that you’re getting all of this information out on your social media channels. It’s worth spending some time looking where your audience is now hanging out. This is likely to have changed in these unprecedented times. Video apps with chat capabilities like Instagram Live, Twitch, Zoom and TikTok have seen a huge surge in use so use this to your advantage.


Why not drop your customers a line with an email newsletter to let them know that you’re open for business and how you’re going to be welcoming them? Send them to the blog on your website for more information. Make sure you include plenty of links to any other information you want to share.

Don’t forget that keeping your customers informed has never been so important. The chances are we are going to see more new businesses appearing consequently using the right communications tactics is imperative. So get ahead of the game and tell your customers what’s new and show them that you care.