Last week I created a post on social media about collaborations which went down a storm and prompted me to write this blog. I love collaborations. They’re fun, they’re valuable and they make your business more visible.

Two heads are better than one, but they need to be the right heads. Don’t fall into the trap of collaborating with anyone. Think of what your objective is from the collaboration? You need to follow the same method as you do when getting in front of your target audience. Choose a complimentary product or service with an audience you would like to get in front.

If you’re stuck on ways to collaborate here are some to get you started:

Provide a guest blog post

I’m a fan of content. It’s a great way to showcase your expertise and providing a guest blog on a complimentary business is a great way of growing your audience. To get started you need to start researching businesses where you can add some value to their blog. Once you have got a shortlist together contact the blog owner and pitch yourself for a blog. Alternatively, you might already have some potential businesses that you can contact. I would love to have some guest posts on my blog so get in touch if you have something useful.

Be a guest speaker

In-person events are soon to be back on the horizon which is very exciting. In the meantime, and in their absence, there are all sorts of places where you can speak. A good starting point are networking groups and there a plenty of those. Have a couple of topics that you can talk about and some slides prepared and start putting yourself forward. Another great place to find speaking opportunities are specialist Facebook Groups. Be prepared to put in some time to research the right places and the opportunities will soon follow.

Collaborate on a course

The chances are that there are plenty of complementary businesses that you can collaborate with and creating a course is the ideal way to showcase your combined expertise.  What can you both share your knowledge on and create a course? Courses not only give you the chance to teach a new skill, but they provide an ideal segway into further services that you offer which could create more sales and revenue.

Collaborate on project

What about a potential project collaboration? Do you offer a product or service that could be enhanced by the involvement of another business? For example, I often work with web designers on projects where I create the content. In my Facebook Community, one of our members runs a business providing high-quality polycarbonate glasses and they collaborated with another business offering personalisation to provide personalised glassware with your chosen message.

Go on a podcast

Podcasts hosts are always on the look-out for new guests so are ideal for collaborating. They are looking at guests who bring value and grow their audience. It works the same the other way round. You need to look at podcasts where the listeners might be your target audience. Do some research and give them a good listen before approaching the host. Think about how you can add value.

Collaborations are great for building relationships with new audiences and new people. Be open to new opportunities. Don’t dismiss a collaboration because you don’t see an immediate gain for you. A collaboration might bring you an indirect referral. Take my advice go forth and collaborate today.

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