Everyone wants to sell more right? I’m assuming you said yes. Actually, it isn’t that hard but there are some fundamental rules to be followed. There are millions of small businesses so it’s a competitive space whatever sector your small business is in. You don’t want to hear crickets when you start selling so follow the rules! Here are mine:

Know your target audience

If you want to get in front of your target audience then you need to know who they are. When it comes to communication understanding your audience should be your number one priority whether you are communicating with them in person or in the written word.  So you need to know who they are, what their job title is and what sector they operate in. If your audience is B2C then you need to know the right social demographics, what their interests are, their wants and needs and so on. You need to get a clear picture of your target audience to be able to sell to them.

Be relevant

I talk about relevance a lot! That’s because it’s central to every aspect of communications and the basis of your marketing strategy. When I say relevance I mean think about who you are talking to.

Who is your ideal client?
What are the challenges their business is facing?
How can you solve that problem?
Why are you better placed to do it than anyone else?

You need to be able to answer all of these questions so that when you start showing up your ideal client will know that you’re talking to them and they will be drawn to you.`

Find your ideal client

So now you know who your target audience is think about where you can find them. This could be literally anywhere so think laterally – are there any specific events (virtual at the current time) that they like to attend, what publications do they read, are there any industry influencers that they follow, popular blogs and so on? Next check out any competitors in the market. Is the picture any clearer? I hope so.


Use the right language and tone

So, you’re ready to speak to your target client. Think about the tone and the content that you use. Make sure that you’re really speaking directly to them in their language. Avoid the jargon. Use words that resonate with them and their challenges. It will make them understand you better, like you, trust you and most importantly buy from you!

Include your one thing

I can’t stand it when people don’t get to the point and selling to your target audience is the same. Use one message not ten. It’s confusing. You need to be clear on that one special thing so that they know exactly how you can help them so whether they’re ready to buy from you today, tomorrow, next month or next year then they will know what that one thing is. Don’t worry it doesn’t have to be forever but use one thing to get them interested.

Use a variety of content

Use a range of ways to communicate to your target audience from speaking, emailing, social media, articles, guides, content, images, videos there are so many ways that you can speak to your target audience. Variety is key as. You can use the same messages but mix them up and slice and dice it into different forms. If you’re looking for inspiration around content ideas then be sure to go and have a look here for some great ideas

Be consistent

Finally, be consistent. You need to show up in front of your target audience on a regular basis. Decide what’s manageable for you so whether it’s ten posts or one per day be predictable but be consistent. You need to be memorable and reliable. Remember if you don’t show up consistently clearly communicating how you can help your ideal client then someone else will.

If you follow these steps, then very soon you will be on the right track. Results don’t happen overnight but consistency and relevancy pay off. This is coming from someone who practices what they preach. It works – trust the process.

If you’re a small business and would like to get in front of your target audience and grow your visibility then we would love to hear from you. Fill in the form below for more information.