Do you remember that feeling at school when it was your turn to stand up in front of the class and answer a question? I feel like that when I see an alert on my phone saying the Prime Minister is about to address the country. There was a certain amount of inevitability to this second lockdown though and while the furlough scheme has been extended to March there is no denying that this is one of the toughest times for business in the past decade.

 There are factors that are out of our control, but we must retain a positive mindset and think about what we can do is take a grip of what we can influence. We thought that we had negotiated the storm back at the beginning of the year but COVID is a tough nut to crack. It continues to resist the many ways being employed to attack it. News of the vaccine shows there is light at the end of the tunnel. I read this article on the power of positive thinking which has some great little nuggets of advice so well worth a read.

Take action in lockdown

There is no magic wand to be waved but it did get me thinking about what I could do to support fellow small business owners?  I thought about the kinds of tactics and ideas that could be employed during this period that could benefit businesses. For some, there will be a lull in business activity. This offers a good opportunity to take stock and look at other ways in which you can build your brand presence. Don’t forget to make time for yourself too. 

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