If you’re wondering what quick marketing actions you can take in your business today then here’s one for you.  Why not write a blog post?

Why are blogs useful in your marketing content?

Blogs are a great way of giving insight into you and your company. Try and pick a topic that resonates rather than making it a sales pitch. Sharing knowledge and advice with your audience makes you interesting. You could link it to a topic in the news. People are far more likely to come back to you if you are sharing useful content that offers advice and insight rather than promoting your product.

How long should a blog post be?

A blog shouldn’t be too long – 350 words is more than adequate but no more than 500.

What should I include in my blog post?

When you have decided on your topic look think about creating a great headline that summarises what the article is about and what it aims to do. Think about what keywords you can include and make sure you include the main one in the headline.. Break the blog down into sections and give it sub-headings to make it easy to read. A useful tip, just like I have done here, is to include questions in your blog with answers. Google loves them. It’s also a good idea to include some links to other pages in your website and also to external sources as this also helps with search engine optimisation. Sum your blog up succinctly at the end and give it a call to action.

What else can I add to my blog?

Eye-catching images always help to bring a post to life – you can find plenty of royalty-free images on Pexels so try here first. Finally, give it a thorough proof-read. Then get it uploaded onto your website.

Where should I share my blog?

This is one of the most important parts of blogging so take note! You need to get your blog out there so make sure you share it far and wide on all of your social channels. You could also publish it as an article on LinkedIn. Share it any Facebook groups that you belong to that allow links. You could even send an email to your customer and prospects base or add a link at the bottom of your email.

That’s it! Give it a go. If you need any more guidance or advice please don’t hesitate to get in touch by completing the contact form here.