Whether you’re celebrating St Valentine’s or it’s more of a Palentine’s or Galentine’s kind of day what better time to give your business a bit of love? Do you give your business much attention? Just like any relationship in order to grow it needs careful nurture and attention. Here are some ideas from me on how you can love your business and get others to love it even more.

Love your Message

Is your message clear? For people to understand you, your business and what it is you’re selling then it must be clear how you can help them. Spend some time making sure that your message is clear so that people know immediately how you can serve them. Take a look at your competitors and see who is doing a good job and then give it your own touch.

Attracting people in

Is it easy for your audience to buy from you? Are your offers enticing? Do they meet the needs of your customers? Is there something you can do that will enable your customers to try something small before they commit to big purchase? How about a product sample or a small tester session of your service? Often people are much more receptive to buying your product or service if they can just try it first. It’s a tactic employed by many brands particularly for new products and services but there is no reason why as a small business you can’t try something similar According to the results of annual survey on online shoppers in the UK, 60 per cent of shoppers said they’d consider buying clothing items/accessories using “try before you buy” purchase option.

Grow your audience with the right people

You don’t sell more by simply finding more people. It needs to be the right kind of people. Spend time refining who your target audience is and then spend even more time on communicating with them with a message that is relevant and resonates.  

Keeping in touch

When it comes to nurturing your business you need to keep in touch with your customer and prospects on a regular basis. That’s because no-one wants to be contacted cold. Taking time to show up consistently whether it’s on email, social media, in person or otherwise, all helps to nurture that relationship so that when you have something big and exciting you want to share with them you won’t be hitting them with no notice.

Content is king

Content should be at the centre of everything you do to love and grow your business. We have already talked about getting in front of the right people but once you have defined who they are then you need to be making sure that you’re doing it with right content. Do you talk directly to the needs of your customer using relevant content? If you don’t you then you must. Use a variety and show up regularly.

Customer service

Serving your customers must be at the heart of everything you do. Always aim to go above and beyond and delight your customers. Think about what you can do to improve the service you deliver. It might be something small but it could just make all the difference.

We would love to help you give your business some love and attention so that you can get more sales and grow. We do this by delivering compelling PR and marketing campaigns. If you would like to find out more then get in touch by filling in the form below.