It’s never been more important for your business to be visible. With almost 6 million small businesses in the UK, and around 750,000 of those created in the past year, every marketplace is busy. While that might seem a challenge, you must retain your visibility and keep showing up consistently in front of your target audience. If this isn’t part of your strategy then you must make it one.

Now is not the time to procrastinate over what you should be doing. You just need to get on and do it! One of my favourite sayings is done is better than perfect and you need to apply this to your world. Offline is just as important as online so do give it ample consideration. While there are many ways to improve your visibility I don’t want to overwhelm you here are seven ways to get you started.

How visible is your website?

Typically, the first place people go and check you out is your website. How’s yours looking? Is it up-to-date? Does it clearly say what you do and how you help people? Could the content do with a bit of a refresh? Dwell time on a website is often as little at 20 seconds to make it count. Often, it’s just a few tweaks that make all the difference so, go and see how you can improve yours today.

Review your social media profiles

If your website is their first port of call, it will be closely followed by your social media accounts which they will probably access from your website. Do all the links work? How are the profiles looking? Is there a clear call to action? Are your contact details correct and most importantly does it say what you do?

Consider Facebook Groups

Facebook Groups offer a great platform to improve your visibility. If you’re clear on who your ideal audience is, and you should be, then you should find some relevant groups. If you need further clarification, then check out this blog for more information. When you find them start commenting on posts that interest you and connecting with people. Share your expertise and insight on your topic. There are some great conversations out there and there certainly are in my group Get Yourself Noticed that offers free PR and Marketing Resources for small businesses looking to grow awareness.

Who is in your existing network?

Often people forget about the low hanging fruit. Think about who is already in your existing network. Get in touch with them if you haven’t spoken to them for a while. Tell them what you’re doing. Can they introduce you to anyone? Can they recommend you? It’s a good starting point and remember your community are in your camp rooting for you. Make them count.

Collaborate with others

Two heads are often better than one when it comes to business which is why collaborations are a great way to grow your visibility. Can you collaborate with a complementary business to offer a new solution or offering? What’s great about collaborations is that you get the chance to get in front of a whole new audience of followers and fans.

PR to build your credibility

My previous blog focused on the value of PR and you can read it here. It offers a great low-cost way to build your visibility in front of your ideal client. And there are all sorts of options open to you from magazine articles, podcasts, letters to editors, guest experts spots, contributing to features and more.

Use networking to best advantage

While we are all familiar with networking, remote working has now taken networking to a whole new level. The great thing about remote-style networking is you can do it all from your desk, so it takes far less time. And because of this, there are far more people networking. You nearly always get a spot to share your elevator pitch and add your comments in the chatbox so make the most of it. Linktree is a great way of sharing lots of information in one link. Here is a selection of groups you can try but there are many more: Coffee & Connect NetworkingMums in BusinessEnterprise NationRibbons Network, and LinkedIn Local.

So, there are seven simple ways you can get more visible today. Here at Zapp Communications, we love helping businesses to become more visible so why not get in touch today and find out about our PR and Marketing support services for small businesses. Alternatively to keep in touch with all of our latest news and tips you can fill in the form below.

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