Every good workman needs good tools, don’t they?  To perform a job correctly you need the right tools or instruments. In this case, it’s a Marketing Content Toolkit. To ensure that your content marketing really resonates with your target audience you need to build up a suite of different elements. Here are seven that I recommend you have in yours.

You need themes

You need to decide what you’re going to talk about.  I recommend creating themes for your content to give it structure. For example, if you are delivering a service think about the process that you carry out to do that, break if down into elements. If you are selling a product think about the different components: what do people use it for, do you make it yourself, can you show that process, how does it make people feel. Whether it’s product or service you need to think about the transformation you’re bringing. Many refer to it as your ‘why’.

Create a suite of images

I could probably write a whole blog about why you need images in your content and good ones! 90% of the information process by the brain is visual. Our brains love images, they were wired for them. Our brains process images 60,000 times faster than text and people just remember images far more.

And if you needed another fact Buzzsumo analysed more than one million articles and found that including an image every 75-100 words received double the number of shares as those with few images so they also widen your audience.

Images should be of your product, your service, and most importantly of you! As small business owners, we are often the major difference between our competitors so make sure that you include you and bring your personality in. When it comes to photography you can take your own but it’s worthwhile investing in professional photography. We had a great branding photographer come in and talk in my Facebook group Get Yourself Noticed and it really opened the eyes of the members as to its value.

You can of course buy stock images and they work very well. You can also use Apps like Canva to create your own. When I say images, I mean templates as well so that you can write tips and actions down – Canva is great for this. I use the paid-for version but the free one still has some great functionality.

Common Branding

I bang on about consistency a lot and that’s because with your content it’s important. You need to make yourself memorable. Use common colours and templates and always add your logo in the corner of an image so that people know it’s you.

Once again I’m going to talk about Canva (other apps are available) because it allows you to do this really easily. You can save your colours and fonts in your brand kit so that you can simply make sure that all of the colours, themes, fonts and logos are common across your brand. I suggest not having too many different templates. A good way of judging if you use Instagram is to have a look at your grid and see if you have a uniform theme. You can of course divert from this theme on occasions but it’s great to be consistent.

A range of quotes

What you say, what others say is powerful. Do you have any sayings or quotes that you use on a regular basis? Save them and use them in your content. When you’re writing a blog pick out the important points you’re making and use them in your content. I also love using inspirational quotes from business leaders, actors and coaches which you will need. A great place to find these is Brainyquote but there are plenty of others too!

Have a variety of content

Always use a good range of content. You can be saying the same thing but in many different ways so it could be a ‘how to’ piece but that could be a blog, a video, a quote, an email, an article, a live from your business page, social media posts, an image and so on. I put together this great little download which gives you 35 different ways to create content which you can find here.

Give Value

This is a big one. Your content needs to give value. Be prepared to give something away. People love to learn something and feel like they are getting value. They will very rarely go off and do their own thing without the guidance from an expert so share your insight. Give some top tips and a small win. It will make you memorable and more likely for them to come back to you. I do this by offering free guides here and how to’s in my blog. I also have my free Facebook group where you just have to join to gain valuable weekly live training, resources on tips on Marketing and PR and collaborate with a wide range of small businesses.

Use testimonials

Finally, testimonials or social proof are high-value currency when you’re creating content. That’s because they are the best way for prospective clients to know what it’s like to work with you or buy from you. Make them a priority. Ask existing customers, check in with previous ones, create a mechanism that makes it easy for customers to provide feedback. Look through your social media feed and see if you have anything you can use. Offer an incentive to those that buy from you.

I hope this has given your food for thought and it’s my pet topic so I could honestly go on for hours talking. Do you need help with your content? Do you need ideas, inspiration, structure, consistency? I can help with all of those. Get in touch today and let’s chat.