Visibility is the key to growing your business and making more sales. If you’re struggling to make your business visible, then you’re probably making some of the following visibility mistakes.

Your message is not clear

To attract people into your world your audience needs to understand what it is they can buy from you. Your message needs to be clear. Pick one message make it clear and make it concise.  

You’re not clear on your target audience

Do you know who your target audience is? Who is most likely to buy your product or solution? What do they do? Where can you find them? What are you doing to get in front of them? If you’re not clear on this, you are wasting your time.

You have no clear focus

Is your marketing all over the place? Often people make the mistake of trying to tick every box but never succeeding at one. Pick your theme. Be successful at one tactic do it well and then expand. Your marketing needs be joined up. So if you’ve written a blog use the content in your email marketing and on social media and events.

Your content doesn’t resonate

We’ve talked about the importance of having a clear message and knowing your target audience but part of this is knowing what appeals to your audience. Your content needs to resonate and appeal to them. You need to create a connection with your audience so that they know that you have something of value to share with them. That you care about them. Your content needs to be a combination of connection, credibility, conversation

You’re not showing up

Visibility doesn’t just happen. You have to show up and get yourselves in front of your audience. You’re a lucky business if you have incoming sales and you’re not doing any marketing. Don’t wait until it becomes quiet.

You’re being inconsistent

Is your marketing hit and miss? Many businesses launch a campaign with all guns blazing and once it’s over they disappear. In today’s always-on world, you can’t afford to go quiet. You need to show up consistently. Do what’s manageable but do it consistently.

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