Creating great marketing content whether it’s a blog, video, article or anything else is the key to getting in front of your target audience. There are some fundamental rules that you need to apply so that it gets noticed by the right people. Read on to find out more!

Know your target audience

You must know who your target audience is. If you don’t communicate with your target audience with relevant marketing content, then they will never hear you and you won’t be able to grow your business. When it comes to communication understanding your audience should be your number one priority whether you are communicating with them in person or in the written word.

Make your content relevant

I talk about relevance a lot! That’s because it’s central to every kind of communication. When I say relevance, I mean when you are creating your content think who it’s for. What challenges is their business is facing? How can you solve that problem for them? What makes you better placed to do it than anyone else? Be clear.

You need to be able to answer all these questions so that when you start showing up your ideal client will know that you’re talking to them and they will be drawn to you.

Get to know you target audience

Once you have identified your target audience you need to get to know them. So do your research. Find out their likes and dislikes. Where do they hang out? What do they read? What do they listen to? How do they network? There are all sorts of ways you can research your idea client.  LinkedIn and Facebook offer lots of opportunities. Facebook Groups are great – I created one myself called Get Yourself Noticed that provides small businesses with PR and Marketing resources which you can find here.

Ensure your content carries a clear message

Pick one message and make it clear. When you are talking to your target audience you need to make sure that it’s clear what you’re offering. Be known for one thing. It doesn’t have to be forever once you make a connection you share what else you do.

Avoiding using jargon

When you’re creating your marketing content to pack it with jargon. It needs to be clear and easy to understand. Even if you’re a technology company, for example, don’t assume that your audience understand a ton of acronyms. Keep it clear, simple, appealing and definitely relevant!

Technical jargon-filled copy will only appeal to those who understand it and not necessarily the audience that is doing the buying – the decision maker!You need to be clear that your service or product meets their needs. You have limited time to grab their attention so make the most of it.

Make your content interesting

When creating your content your goal is to make it interesting and alluring. You are aiming to attracting the attention of your audience so think about the content and the different ways you can package it up. It could be in the form of a how to guide, a Q&A, a case study, a blog, an article. Get creative.

To be successful with you content marketing strategy takes time and thought. If it was a quick fix, then everyone would be brilliant at it. If you’re looking for more help and guidance, then you can check out my generating brilliant content eBook.

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