When we talk about growing your audience it’s about how you get in front of more people. In marketing, there are quite a few different tactics that you can employ to grow your audience. In this blog, I am going to share six. There are some important points I will cover before I start. First, you won’t be surprised to hear me say this that before you start to action you must be very clear on who your target audience is and where you can find them. If you need help on this then you can go back and look at a previous blog which you can find here.

With any of the tactics listed below your aim should be to obtain a reliable method of maintaining regular contact with your audience. You can do this simply by asking or sending them to opt-in forms. If your audience has consented to email communication then what you create and send them still needs to be appealing you aren’t relying on them seeing a social media post for example. Email gives you a far greater hit rate.

Social Media

It’s hardly a surprise that social media offers the perfect way to grow your audience. At the last count 3.81 billion people use social media globally. It’s not plain sailing and takes work. The way you need to think is that you’re growing a tribe and you want to make it as enticing as possible so that everyone wants to join. Don’t give away everything but be prepared to add value. You need to be posting regularly and creating a variety of content and slowly you will start to grow your following.

There are few other hacks to help you grow your social media audience too. Go and have a look at competitors and see who they’re following and who’s following them and then add any relevant ones to your follow list. Tag people in posts and make your posts engaging. Ask questions. Engage on your target customer’s social media posts, offer advice, add value and give them a reason to want to follow you


Networking offers the perfect way to grow your audience. There are literally hundreds of opportunities to network and soon there will be even more when we are able to resume face-to-face events. You can find focused sector-specific networking as well as those covering broader topics. Take time to and see which of those are relevant to attend and participate in. My advice is not to fill your diary with them but to be more strategic and pick out a couple which work for you and aim to attend them on a regular basis.

Speaking Opportunities

Remember we spoke earlier about how you’re growing a tribe of loyal followers well speaking is a great way to do this. Not only is it a great way to showcase your expertise but people get some insight into the person and it makes them want to be in your tribe. Can you give them a quick hack or show them how to do something that will help them to move forward? Always think about how you can add value.


Collaborating with a business that compliments your own is an instant way to get in front of more people and grow your audience. You want to find one that is targeting a similar audience to you and give them the opportunity to get in front of your audience. Who do you know that this could work with? Collaborate on social media, get them to send an email out about your collaboration, could you do a guest blog post, what about an event? These are all ways to grow your audience.

Public Relations

PR offers the opportunity to extend your audience to many people. It also helps build your credibility and authenticity which is what’s needed when attracting more people into your world. Can you write an article, can you offer comment on a particular topic, is there a podcast you can appear on?

Create a freebie

I have talked a lot about adding value and a freebie is a nicely packaged piece of value that you can offer to your target audience in exchange for their email. It needs careful though as people are protective of their contact details so you need to be providing something that’s perceived of value. It could be tips, it could be a how-to guide, it could be a life hack? What can you provide that’s of value to grow your audience? Once created you need to then promote to your target audience to entice them in!

Growing your audience is the key to getting your business in front of more people and selling more. Are you using any of the above tactics? If not you should be. Here at Zapp Communications, we can help you grow your audience. Get in touch today or fill in the form below so that we can keep you up-to-date with our latest news.