Do you ever feel when it comes to marketing that whatever the latest trend is people jump on it? And then just a few months later, when it’s not working, they switch to the next one.

The highs and lows of Clubhouse

Clubhouse is a case in point. The new social media platform went live at the back end of 2020 and provided a great way to network with other business owners and learn new skills from more established business owners in an audio only format. It used a couple of novel approaches in that it was only available on IOS rather than Android and it was invite-only. I joined in January, and I was quickly hooked. There were people hosting daily breakfast, lunchtime, and evening shows.

I was regularly tuning into a breakfast show but found that it was a great time consumer. I began to question are these people really going to be able to show up every weekday indefinitely? What about when lockdown eases? I noticed a drop off when schools went back and that has continued. Many shows have dropped off. Rooms that had hundreds of people were quickly slipping to 50 and below. I still listen intermittently but I really question how much business is being done on there?

Now I’m not sure how Clubhouse will play out but for me, it’s not a key focus. It’s time-intensive and I prefer to participate in courses and do my learning in a more focused environment. For some that might be the complete opposite. The Android version is being rolled out so we might see it having a revival.

I had my head turned and if you look at social media posts from January through to March I was raving about it. I always say be open to new ideas and but once you have tried them think about how they fit in with your overall business strategy. Are they working for you? How could you improve them? Are you using the right strategy? Test and measure and decide accordingly.

Avoid the bright lights

When it comes to marketing don’t be dazzled by the bright lights at every twist and turn. If you have a strategy that’s working for you then stick to it. Think about how you can enhance it. Consistency is key with marketing. Don’t create a monster that you can’t look after.

Let me give you an example, I was posting every day across Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn even on the weekend. I also have my own Facebook Group that I post in too. It’s hard work. I have decided to scale down the volume of posts. I know that for me my ideal client is mostly on LinkedIn so that’s where I need to focus my attention. I have refined by strategy, and I know what works. I will still be posting on the other platforms, but I will stick to weekdays.

Stay in your own lane

As small business owners we are busy. Yes, we can outsource and should do where possible. Much of our success is down to us so we can’t afford to burn out. We need to stick in our own lane. Get in front of your target audience on the platforms and places they hang out most and share relevant content that gets them to engage with you.

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