Firstly, Happy New Year and indeed Happy New decade. The start of a new year is the ideal time to freshen up your PR so here are a few ideas to help set you on your way.

  1. Twitter Poll

    Typically, at the start of a New Year, there isn’t that much news to share so what about a twitter poll to provide you with some content? Research is a great way to canvas views on topics and themes relevant to your organisation and generate a news angle. Of course, if you have the time you can enlist the help of research companies to commission more complex and detailed research.

    However, Twitter polls are a very handy and quick low-cost alternative. You can also target your audiences using relevant hashtags. If done well, you can be looking at responses in the thousands for polls run over a three or four day period so they really are worth considering.

  1. Social Media Calendar

    Get ahead of the game and plan your social media content for the coming year. If you have campaigns or product and services launches scheduled, then plot these in your calendar and research any special themed awareness days that you might be able to ‘piggy-back’ your message onto. There are quite a lot of places online that list these such as here and here.

If you think that planning the whole year is too arduous a task, then why not break your planning up into quarters and diarise when the plan needs updating.

  1. Write a blog post

    I like to practice what I preach, and this is my first blog post of 2020 so why don’t you do the same? Blogs are a great way of giving insight into you and your company. Try and pick topics that resonate rather than making it a sales pitch. Sharing insight and advice with your audience makes you interesting. People are far more likely to come back to you if they think that you’re happy to give something away.

So, there you go a few suggestions to get you started on raising awareness of your brand in 2020. Good luck and get planning, it’s the only way to get ahead.