Let’s be clear whatever you are selling you need to be creating content to sell it. Creating content takes time particularly if you’re want to get engagement. That’s why I’m giving you three ways to speed up your content output. It might take a bit of time investment but putting in the work will really pay off in the long term.

9 out of 10 organisations use content in their marketing signifying its importance so what can you do to streamline the process? It’s no surprise that to reap the rewards you need to invest some time initially. The chances are that if you’re reading this, you’re already creating content so here are some ideas to help make that process quicker.

Don’t start from scratch each time

Save every piece of content that you ever create so that you can go back to and it and re-use it in the future. I am a firm advocate of recycling content. Yes leave a bit of time but there is nothing wrong with reusing your content. Take Instagram for example just 10 per cent of people see your posts which is tiny and furthermore, people often need to see a message or post several times before it connects. Repetition is good.

Don’t limit it to social media posts though, you can include emails, blogs and much more. Remember your audience changes. Don’t waste your efforts. If your favoured platforms are Facebook and Instagram, then make sure that you use Business Suite – it automatically saves your posts so that you can look back with keywords and then duplicate and edit if required. You can even refresh the images. It saves a lot of time.

Create a template library

There is no doubt that images help to bring content to life so ensure that you have a library of templates to delve into and accompany your content. Canva is great for this and you get plenty of functionality even in the basic, free version. Pick images that work with your business message and use consistent colours and fonts so that people get to recognise your business.

Hold a regular content brainstorm

One of the biggest challenges people face when creating content is a lack of ideas. That’s why you must set aside time every month to come up with fresh ideas. Also, look at what’s worked previously. Are there any particular posts that resonate with your audience? Have a look at competitors and see what they’re doing. Can you take any of their ideas and put your own spin on it?

Block a set time in your diary each month for an hour and then pick five topics associated with your business and underneath each heading come up with as many ideas as you can say about that topic. Track what’s being spoken about the topic online. Google alerts is a great little tool here. You can set it to mail you every time something relevant is found online.

Also think about the different ways in which you can deliver your content topics such as video, images, written posts, theme days and so on.


Given some thought and time you can create a comprehensive content plan that delivers again and again. Would you like to learn more about how you can use content to grow you visibility and make more sales then head on over to my Facebook community Get Yourself Noticed and join like-business owners to connect with.