Community is important for small businesses not least because as a small business owner you probably don’t have a huge team so being able to collaborate with other like-minded individuals provides support but also helps you develop as an individual.

You need cheerleaders

This really struck a chord with me last when I ran the Spring Visibility Challenge – a free online course for small businesses owners looking to grow their visibility. I ran it in a small pop-up Facebook Group with around 35 business owners. Each day there was a different challenge and every evening we had a live Q&A. Everyone cheered each other one with each task and went and engaged on each other’s posts when we came to content creation.

All the challengees enjoyed it so much that on the final day I hosted the Live as a Zoom so we could all physically see each other. The atmosphere was amazing. There was talk of a real-life meet up – watch this space.

Create connection

The participants really gained a great deal but so did I and it was fantastic to build greater connection with my audience. I was able better understand their needs and how I can help people like you grow your business.

I’ve been planning a group course for some time, but the challenge really helped me to refine what was needed. It gave me the chance to understand exactly what my audience needs to move their business forward. I help small businesses get more visible and the number one way I found to grow my visibility was to master my content. 

Content Mastery – a course like no other

I have launched Content Mastery to help small business owners do exactly that. I love learning and have done quite a few courses over the past twelve months but the missing link for me was connection to course teacher. Many courses are just pre-recorded videos and so if you hit a stumbling block then you tend to have to wait to ask your question on a group Q&A. And then you get on these Zoom calls which have huge numbers of attendees and it’s almost impossible to ask a question. That’s if you feel confident enough to do so.

Small group big value

Content Mastery is a small group-based course with no more than 10 participants – I know that I can deliver real value to everyone one of those participants. I can share my tried and tested four-step process to help business owners like you understand how you can make yourself more visible. It’s not some open-ended promise it works. And I know that because I have used it in my business and on a one-to-one basis for others too. In short, it works.

I have been learning my trade for years and let’s face it every day is a school day! apart from being a small business owner myself I know I can help you. I know I arm you with the tools that you need to be more visible and make more sales. So, what am I saying? To grow your small business you need community, cheerleaders, connection and of course content.

Do you fancy a peek inside Content Mastery? Take a look here