Is your marketing message clear? If you want to grow your audience and sell more then getting your message right is fundamental to your success. What I mean by message is how it is you tell your audience what it is you do. It’s that one-liner that tells them how it is you can help them meet their needs whether it’s a product or a service. If you don’t get your message right then all your efforts will simply fall on deaf ears.

As author and speaker, Simon Sinek said “if you can clearly articulate the dream or the goal, start. Your customers will love you for your mission and your values. But you must be able to effectively communicate them first.” Making mistakes with message is common, let’s look at some of the common ones and how you can fix them.

Mixed message

Top of the list is the message that tries to combine everything into one line. When putting together your message, choose one target audience, choose one service product that you provide and what problem you solve. All too often organisations think that they will reach more people by combining more into their message. All that happens is confusion and it’s difficult to remember.

Is there a transformation?

Your customer wants to know how they are going to feel after buying from you. What is the transformation that you’re bringing? What is the result? How will they feel? Just a couple of words will do. Whatever it is be sure to include it in that core message.

No clear target audience

If you’re not clear on who your target audience is then how can you create content that resonates. How will your target audience know you, get to like and ultimately buy from you. The old adage ‘appeal to everyone sell to no-one’ rings true. Be clear on who it is you’re serving and how you’re serving them and include it in your message. It makes everything easier. It’s easier for you to find them and them to find you.

Targeting the right people

If you want to sell more then you need to be in front of the right people. Your message might be perfect but if you’re not getting in front of the right people it’s pointless. Research where your target audience hangs and see how you can get a piece of the action. Look at competitors in your sector, where are they? Who are they following? What are they doing well?

Lack of consistency

Your message needs to be the same across every platform so wherever your target audience goes to find out about you they will read the same thing. Consistency is key when it comes to your message.

Do you need help with getting your message right? Alongside defining your target audience it’s one of the fundamental first steps of a successful marketing strategy ie the one that leads to sales! We follow a simple process to define your target audience and message to ensure that you get in front of the right people. Talk to us today.

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